Sustainable Packaging

A guide to our packaging.


You will find no unnecessary packaging with us! We keep packaging to a complete minimum in our deliveries. We only package items where it is necessary. Our veg boxes are completely plastic free and have been since 2019, well ahead of other large national companies. We use a combination of resuable, returnable and certified home compostable packaging. Below is a quick guide of what to expect in our veg boxes.  



Reusable cardboard veg boxes

Your orders are delivered in durable cardboard boxes. These are used as many times as possible before they are composted at the farm. Please leave these out for collection when your next delivery is due.

Durable paper sacks

The root vegetables (and sometimes fruit) in your veg boxes are packaged into durable paper sacks. These are also used multiple times before being composted at the farm. Please leave these out for collection with your veg boxes.

Home compostable bags

For those veg items that need to be kept fresh such as salad, greens and herbs we use a certified home compostable bag. This is fairly new technology that we have switched to and we are pleased with our new bags as an alternative to plastic bags. Once used these can be reused at home, placed on your compost heap (if you have one) or returned to us to compost at the farm. 

Rubber bands

Produce from our farm that is bunched such as beetroot, spring onions and carrots are bunched using rubber bands. These can re-used easily at home for a multitude of tasks. Please save these rather than discarding after use.

Paper bags and punnets

The rest of our produce such as mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and soft fruits are provided in thin paper bags or pulp punnets which are compostable. Please return these with your boxes for us to compost at the farm.