There aren’t many things that go better with sweetcorn than lashings of butter. Here’s three butter ideas that will take your sweetcorn to the next level! Corn ribs are a way of cutting the cobs into easy pieces to pick up with your hands. Each of these recipes will be enough for 2 ears of corn.



Preparation time: 
Dietary type: 
Gluten free

Miso Butter.


1 tbsp Miso Paste

5 tbsp Salted Butter (Softened)


Gohchujang Butter.


1 tbsp Gochujang Paste

5 tbsp Salted Butter (Softened)


Maple Butter.


1 tbsp Maple Syrup

5tbsp Salted Butter (Softened)


Step 1.


Place a large pan of water onto boil. De husk your ears of corn removing the outer layer to reveal the yellow kernels. Trim the ends so they are flat making them easier to cut.


Step 2.


Place the cobs of corn into the boiling water and cooking for 5 minutes then remove from the water and allow to cool.


Step 3.


Mix your butter together in a small bowl combing with the choice of flavouring. Cut your corn down the middle lengthways then again lengthways into quarters. You can keep them long or cut crossways for smaller bits.


Step 4.


Put your grill on high. Place the corn on a baking tray then spread over some of your butter until well covered. Place under the grill for around 5 minutes until brown. Serve with some more butter over the top!  



Recipe by Martin Hill


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