Muhammara is a delicious Turkish dish made from roasted peppers, walnuts and a few other ingredients to make a punchy sweet, sour and spicy dip. It goes great with roasted or barbequed veg such as courgettes!

Preparation time: 
Dietary type: 
Dairy free
Gluten free


500g Courgettes

3 Ramiro Peppers

100g Walnuts

50g Breadcrumbs

3 tbsp Olive oil

1 tsp Chili Flakes

1 tbsp Tahini

Juice of ½ Lemon

1/2 tsp Smoked paprika

2 tbsp Pomegranate Molasses




Step 1.


Heat your oven to high (around 220c). Place your peppers whole on a roasting tray and roast in the oven for around 30 mins until the skin has browned and the flesh is soft. After 25 mins add the walnuts to the tray and roast for 5 mins.  


Step 2.


Place the peppers in a bowl with a plate on top and allow to cool. Letting them steam in the residual heat makes them easier to peel!


Step 3.


If roasting your courgettes keep the oven on. Cut your courgettes in half, place on a baking tray drizzle with some olive oil and a pinch of sea salt and roast for 20-30 mins until brown and the flesh is cooked.   


Step 4.


Whilst the courgettes are roasting, to your blender add your roasted walnuts and blend until finely chopped. Peel and seed the cooled peppers and add to the blender. Add the rest of the ingredients to the blender along with a good pinch of salt. Blend until smooth. Taste for seasoning adding more salt, lemon juice, pomegranate molasses to suit your palate!


Step 5.


Add the Muhammara to a serving plate then add your courgettes on top. Add an extra drizzle of oil on top. You could even add some crumbled Feta on top to take it to another level!


Recipe by Martin Hill 

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