Small Local Box
Week commencing Mon 27 Jun 2022
Salad Pack (150g)1From Our Farm
Chard (250g)1From Our Farm
Broad Beans (500g)1From Our Farm
Fennel (300g)1From Our Farm
Courgette (x 1)1From Our Farm
Mini Cucumber (x 2)1From Our Farm
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Small box of ultra seasonal veg and fruit grown on our farm or by organic producers in Sussex and Kent


6-7 veg and fruit items. 


Only available from June to February due to seasonal restrictions. 


No swaps allowed in this box. 

Items in the box for Week commencing Mon 27 Jun 2022
Salad Pack (150g)1n/a
Chard (250g)1n/a
Broad Beans (500g)1n/a
Fennel (300g)1n/a
Courgette (x 1)1n/a
Mini Cucumber (x 2)1n/a