Large Veg Box
Week commencing Mon 16 May 2022
Orla Potatoes1 @ 1KgHerefordshire
Carrots1 @ 500gUK
Onions1 @ 500gHolland
Salad Pack (150g)1From Our Farm
Spring Greens (250g)1From Our Farm
Flat Beans (250g)1Spain
Courgette (x 1)1Spain
Mushrooms (200g)1UK
Bunched Radishes †1From Our Farm
† or Butternut Squash1Spain
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Large vegetable box


8-10 Portions of Vegetables


You can swap up to 4 items in this box. 

Items in the box for Week commencing Mon 16 May 2022
Orla Potatoes1 x 1Kgn/a
Carrots1 x 500gn/a
Onions1 x 500gn/a
Butternut Squash1n/a
Salad Pack (150g)1n/a
Spring Greens (250g)1n/a
Flat Beans (250g)1n/a
Courgette (x 1)1n/a
Mushrooms (200g)1n/a
Bunched Radishes1n/a