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Picture of Eggs
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Box of 6 Biodynamic/Organic Eggs 

Class 1 Mixed Sizes 



  • East Sussex
  • Orchard Eggs
Thirty-four available w/c 15 August
Apple Juice (1 litre)
Picture of Apple Juice (1 litre)
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Organic Apple Juice 


Packaging - recylable glass bottle 



  • East Sussex
  • Oakwood Farm
Picture of Honey
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Raw Honey 

340g Jar



  • UK
  • Blackman Bee Farms
Nettle Kombucha Cordial (500ml)
Picture of Nettle Kombucha Cordial (500ml)
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Nettle Kombucha Cordial (500ml) from Old Tree Brewery


Ingredients: Carbon-neutral sugar, kombucha vinegar (25%) (charcoal-filtered water, carbon-neutral sugar, live kombucha culture, sencha tea, assam tea), charcoal-filtered water, nettles (5%), citric acid